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My name is Nathan Hirsch, a long time entrepreneur. I’ve never had a “real job”. I started selling textbooks in college on Amazon in 2009.

Shortly after, Connor Gillivan and I teamed up to sell other products in the baby, home, and toy space on Amazon. We sold over $25 million on Amazon and became longtime friends and business partners.

However, we struggled to hire. Most of the college kids we hired were unreliable. One day a buddy of mine introduced us to virtual assistants, which changed our lives forever.

We decided to build a vetted freelance marketplace called, FreeUp. Starting with $5,000, we scaled it to $12M in ARR in 4 years. In 2019, FreeUp was acquired by The HOTH.

After FreeUp, we decided to take everything we learned and build B2B businesses to help entrepreneurs. From hiring to bookkeeping to SEO, new businesses were born.

Today, we continue to build a portfolio of businesses that make entrepreneurship simpler for others.


How I Can Help You

I’m on a mission to make entrepreneurship simpler for millions. 

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Follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, TikTok, and Threads. I post daily about how to build businesses by keeping it simple.

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Grab my Organic Marketing Blueprint, my Monthly Finance Meeting Agenda, the FreeUp SEO Case Study, and more to help you scale your business to 6, 7, and 8 figures. 

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Top Notch Bookkeeping

Get a free pricing quote and have us take over your monthly bookkeeping going forward. Get accurate, on time books by the 15th each month with top notch customer service.

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Outsource School

The exact hiring and outsourcing process I use to hire A players in my businesses + all my SOPS related to outsourcing, remote teams, and growing with talented people. 

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Hire TrioSEO

We'll build your SEO Strategy, find the best keywords for your business, create high quality content, and drive more traffic and leads to your website. 

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The SEO System

My business partner, Connor Gillivan, is an SEO Master. Grab his SEO course, The SEO System, for only $150 and learn how to grow your business with SEO.


The "Exit Your Online Business" Playbook

How we scaled to $12 Million ARR & exited our business (at 29 years old) & 13 steps to prep your business for an exit (w/ our processes).


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Nathan Hirsch

On a mission to make entrepreneurship simpler for millions.

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