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It all started 2009 in my Quinnipiac college dorm room. I was sick of being ripped off by my school bookstore so I created a competing textbook business. After 6 months, I got a cease and desist letter from my college which was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was forced to find other products to sell on my new Amazon.com selling account.

I found a great niche in the toy & baby industry and met my long time business partner, Connor Gillivan, in Business Law class. We teamed up to sell over $25 million on Amazon over the next 5 years.

However, we struggled to hire. Most of the college kids we hired were unreliable. One day a friend of mine introduced us to virtual assistants which changed our lives forever.

After hiring virtual assistants for our Amazon business, we decided to build a pre-vetted freelance marketplace called FreeUp. Starting with $5,000, we scaled it to $12M in yearly revenue by year 4. In 2019, FreeUp was acquired by The HOTH.

After FreeUp, we decided to take everything we learned and build B2B businesses to help entrepreneurs. From hiring to bookkeeping to SEO, new businesses were born. Everything we build and offer is the exact same process we built in our own businesses.

Today, we continue to build a portfolio of businesses, including Outsource School, EcomBalance, AccountsBalance, TrioSEO, and The Savvy SEO.

I am on a mission to make entrepreneurship simpler for millions.


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Learn to hire and scale your business w/ virtual assistants. 

Monthly bookkeeping services for eCommerce.

Monthly bookkeeping for online businesses.

Get more traffic & leads to your website with SEO.

Learn how to run SEO to scale your online business.

Pre-vetted freelance marketplace. (Acquired in 2019.)

New businesses coming soon! 

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Why Work with Me

Everything I do I share. From our interview process to our marketing strategies. Each of my businesses are built the same way with great people and solid processes. I have been through all stages of entrepreneurship from startup to exit. 

Even with my portfolio of businesses, I am constantly seeking new ways to learn and improve. My overall mentality in business is to treat people well and build long term relationships.

  • Hiring

    Take my hiring process and plug it into your business.

  • Bookkeeping

    Take bookkeeping off your plate and focus on making good decisions on accurate numbers.

  • SEO

    Have my team take over your blog and increase your traffic.

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Nathan Hirsch

On a mission to make entrepreneurship simpler for millions.

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